• Peter Gibson, MD, Director of Gastroenterology at the Alfred Hospital and Monash University

    "As a gastroenterologist who has spent many years actively researching the effect of diet on gut problems, I can say that this is a factually accurate and highly entertaining work. It provides an effective counter to the fearmongering and false promises purveyed by ‘sensationalists’ masquerading as scientists. This book should be essential reading for anyone who contemplates following a restrictive diet and for all health practitioners who use diets as the central platform of their therapeutic approach."

  • Harriet Hall, MD, Associate Editor, Science Based Medicine

    “Levinovitz puts modern diet fads into historical perspective, showing how humans have always been susceptible to food myths and have repeatedly been persuaded to avoid certain foods because a myth has demonized them as unhealthy or morally bad. With a thorough and incisive investigation into what science really tells us about gluten, fat, sugar, and detox, he argues persuasively that we can stop worrying about what we ‘should’ eat and concentrate on enjoying food that appeals to our palate. Well-written, entertaining, solidly referenced, and perhaps the best debunking of popular diet myths ever.”

  • Philip Zeitler, MD, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics, University of Colorado School of Medicine

    “While experts in nutrition continue to argue about the best approaches to a healthy diet, an expert in Chinese religion and mythology provides illuminating insight into the fundamental source of these arguments and the ancient, and near religious, foundation of so many deeply held dietary beliefs. By revealing the magical thinking that underlies so many arguments and beliefs about diet, Levinovitz shows us how to stop being afraid of food. Everyone truly interested in nutrition should read this book and get back to the joy of eating.”

  • Jen Gunter, MD, author of The Preemie Primer

    "The cure for Dr. Oz-itis and Oprah syndrome. Well-researched and incredibly informative."